United Studios, a division of CMP International, is a video production and franchise company headquartered in Germany.

Our HD videos, which are produced with standard cameras and our cost-effective United Studios technology, run on all mobile end devices with virtually no loading time. We can customize the United Studios video player for each individual client.

Our professional and creative teams have many years of experience with multinational groups, medium-sized enterprises and startups.

We offer a full range of video production services (image films, virtual studio productions, trade fair TV, product films, etc.), and we also provide hardware and expertise for corporate customers and franchisees who use United Studios technology and our United Studios Academy to produce their own videos.

Our standards and values:


Our strong business orientation sets us apart. Our goal is to help you realize your company’s objectives, and to work with you to develop new communication strategies.


Our fundamental attitude involves seeing and approaching things differently. We work on videos with creativity, passion and pleasure until the results impress and excite us and our clients.


If there is one virtue we value the most, it is our decisiveness – we never give up. We are resolved to work with our clients to achieve the best possible results.