More and more companies are using videos for their websites and social media pages. Often, the videos cost too much or the quality is low. With United Studios technology, even small and medium-sized enterprises can create television-quality videos at a very low price, and can present themselves just as professionally as bigger companies.

We produce our videos with a standard DSLR camera (Canon 5D Mark III) and professional audio, lighting and editing equipment.

The videos produced with United Studios technology work on any standard mobile device. Our HD-quality videos have a very small file size and can be viewed on a mobile device with almost no loading time – on any browser and any platform, without technical adjustments.

United Studios videos are stored on our own streaming server. Our video player can be customized for each client, with a company logo, freely editable text, etc. Our video player becomes your video player. You can share links to the videos on the United Studios streaming server through all of the common social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, company blogs, etc.). Naturally, you can also upload your videos to your YouTube channel.

Use our virtual TV studio for low-cost studio productions. The studio background can be adapted to your company’s CI. Work with us to create product presentations, recruitment videos, event invitations and much more.

For one-time and recurring productions, we recommend our template-controlled high-speed production process. We create your templates according to your needs and/or specifications. That allows us to guarantee the fastest possible studio productions, including post-production (editing). We are also happy to produce on-site studio recordings at your facilities, with real backgrounds.

Use the integrated marketing, market research and sales tools from United Studios: link directly to your videos with an email promotion. Track the click rates for every email promotion. Integrate surveys, votes and promotional forms into the video stream. Promotions can be displayed automatically as soon as the video finishes playing, and can be used right away without any additional clicks.

Do you want to produce your own cost-effective company videos in HD quality?

We offer companies the technology and expertise of United Studios for their own use.

United Studios will provide you with a complete hardware package (camera, audio, lighting, editing and virtual studio equipment). Training and further education is provided by the United Studios Academy. The cost of producing video segments and/or studio productions is extremely low, and you can create cinema-ready films with HD quality.